Forget Old School

It's time for the NEW School

With social media sites making the news for all the wrong reasons including collecting personal details and leaking data it is now time for schools to protect their communities by having their own custom made social media networks.

Creating Facebook pages and groups are old school, it is time for you to look at a new school option.

About Us

It is our belief that modern social networks do not serve the broader educational community and thus we envisaged a platform where students, alumni, parents and faculty are able to all connect in one safe and secure space.

The New School Network allows complete privacy for schools and universities who want to keep their community updated without having to worry about privacy issues. Everything from alumni reunion groups to classes and even uploading of lesson plans and time tables are available on our private network.


Create class groups and have each group administered by a teacher who can upload notes, tasks and reminders as well as host virtual classes.


Create alumni groups where members can communicate with one another, keep updated and make arranging reunions a breeze.


News reports that are finally read! With our blog style layout deliver the messages you want to parents, pupils, staff and alumni. Whether it is an important notice or perhaps raising funds for a sports tour, we have you covered.


Staff are able to create their social profiles and accept direct messages from either students or parents and are always accessible. Finally, an opportunity to keep their social and professional lives separate.

The Social Dilema

The new school network was heavily inspired by the NetFlix documentary “The Social Dilema” which showcased the dangers of social media as well as a complete lack of security for all users. We believe in the future of community where communication and connections are a right and should not be taken advantage of.

How does it work?

Why Go New School?

  • A private network which means that your data is completely protected
  • Show that you put community first!
  • A chance for all members of your wider community to stay in touch
  • No adverts, solicitations and a safe space for your students and staff to communicate
  • Show parents you care by engaging them and making them feel part of your new online community
  • Allow alumni to maintain closer ties to the school
  • Being a New School Network member means you have a website and social media page all in one platform!
  • No longer do you have to be a victim of algorithmic changes designed to make you pay to promote your school, with us your news is always front and center.


Schools are built their own custom social media platform very similar to Facebook in which users are able to send messages, create profiles, upload documents, make comments and post photos. The difference being we do not collect or sell on any of your data, and never will.

These communities are 100% private and only those with URL links are able to access the site.



Our team of engineers are always updating the website allowing for numerous integrations that make your life easier. Here are just a few things we are planning over the next year:

Donation Integration: the ability for members to have fundraising campaigns within their private network

Reactions: We are extending the “Likes” functionality in the activity feed to include reactions, allowing users to select emojis such as Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry, etc.

Web Push Notifications: We are adding support for on screen notifications, allowing notifications from your social network to be overlaid within the website as slide in “glimpse” notifications that appear on screen and can be dismissed.

Desktop Notifications: We are adding support for desktop push notifications, allowing notifications from your social network to be displayed in the browser even when the website is not loaded on screen. 

Live Loading Messages: We want our Messenger to update in real time, similar to iMessage and WhatsApp. This will make our messenger much more responsive, and will allow us to extend it later on with a live chat box on the site that is in sync with the messenger.

App Launch: We are planning to launch our own app for both IOS and Android. Members of our community will be able to transition to the app along with us

How it Works

Our team will sit down with you and go through what your expectations are for a social media website. Please make sure to take a look at our sample site in our header.

Once we understand your exact requirements and you have paid the setup fee we begin designing your custom social network which can take between 3 and 4 weeks.

You then assign us a contact person who we will communicate with and train in the system who will act as the moderator for your account.

Once everything has been signed off you pay a low fixed monthly fee which includes all software updates, hosting, security and maintenance.

Safe and Secure

Protecting your privacy and community

Your Social Alternative

Instead of tech monopolies controlling what you see, you now determine your own content

Building Communities

Where else can parents, scholars, alumni and faculty all communicate on one private network built specifically with their needs in mind?